"Give it everything you've got, and then a little more." -Rachel's Grandfather

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Rachel is a wedding photographer in Vancouver, Washington; just outside of Portland, Oregon.  She grew up in the small town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin where she received her Bachelor's of Fine Art in Photography.  Soon after graduating, Rachel made her first move from her small hometown to Wisconsin's capitol; Madison, Wisconsin.  In Madison, Rachel began photographing weddings on the side, after she put in her 'day job' hours at her 9-5 which was actually 6-4. --talk about some hustle, phew.  We can lovingly call those the dark ages. 



In December 2014, Rachel made the biggest leap of her life. She quit her steady job, sold everything that didn't fit in her minivan and headed west with her partner Brian over 2,000 miles from home. They landed in Portland, Oregon and after spending 3 years photographing on the side, Rachel started her full-time photography business. 

Today Rachel specializes in photographing weddings for adventurous couples, unique love stories, and for the folks who are simply keepin' it real. 



The west coast life hasn't changed Rachel too much, and she still holds her small home-town values of a strong work ethic, a giving spirit, and honesty close to her heart.  For her, traveling and exploring is essential.  Rachel has photographed weddings on the west coast, the east coast, the mid-west and internationally.  So regardless of your wedding location, Rachel is a great fit if you're looking for a photographer with a creative eye, an adventurous spirit, and an undeniable passion for helping you tell your love story as beautifully as it truly is. 

All I want in this world, is to make a difference. Know that I’ll give you everything I’ve got ...plus a little more.
— Rachel